A single mom loses her kids’ Christmas presents in a car fire


SAVANNAH, GA – The Wilmington Island community is pitching in to keep the holiday bright for a mother of three whose car caught on fire.

Victoria Hinely was on her way to work on Saturday when her car began to sputter. She pulled over at a gas station when the car went up in flames.

The single mom lost everything, including her car seats, a stroller, massage table, and her kids’ Christmas presents.

Hinely told News 3, “I just think I’m still in shock. There’s no claim, there’s no investigation, so I’ll never know why it happened and that scares me.”

Hinely’s kids were home at the time of the fire, but Hinely said she’s just glad they were never in danger. She said, “the next car I get I’m keeping a very sharp pair of scissors in it just in case I have to cut through seat belts. I felt really sick thinking about if they would have been with me for that.”

Community members are not going to let a fire ruin this family’s Christmas. Neighbors have donated car seats, strollers and gift cards to buy presents for the kids. Hinely said, “people have just been reaching out, like people I haven’t talked to in months. It’s just amazing.”

Although Hinely said she’s grateful for all the help, she told News 3 that knowing her family is home safe is the greatest gift of all.

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