A group in Candler County upset about living conditions of a dog


METTER, Ga. (WSAV) – A dog left in a mobile home, with no air conditioning in the summer. It’s a situation that has some people in one Metter community angry.

A dog poking its nose out of a partially cracked window in a mobile home is a sight that can be seen on one street in Metter. It’s a sight that has a group of residents upset because the dog stays in this mobile home alone, with no power or a/c, just the windows partially cracked. They’re calling it inhumane.

The group of women said they’ve reported this to the city and police several times, and nothing has changed. They believe with temperatures having been so hot this summer it’s a recipe for disaster.

“When they are given a complaint order and go out and do nothing that attitude is showing the rest of the community that animals are not important,” Shelly Strange said.

Chief Rob Shore with the Metter Police Department said they’ve heard the complaints and are monitoring the situation. He and his officers have checked the temperature of the house to make sure the dog was fine.

In photos the police department shared with News 3, you can see one day it was 97 degrees outside but the temperature in the house was 94 degrees. Another day it was 87 degrees outside and temperatures rose to 90 degrees inside.

Chief Shore also said though the home is vacant, the owner does come by to care for the dog. Feeding and giving it water, and has been doing so for a while. He noted this means he can not remove the animal.

“I’ve spoken to prosecutors and animal groups …what they have told us is while this is not an ideal situation, it is a situation where there’s no legal remedy for us to take any action at this point.”

However, Strange thinks something still needs to be done and monitoring the situation just won’t cut it.

“Again they say they’ll monitor, and in my opinion, that’s a cruel animal experiment. You’re going to monitor how long it takes before the animal has a heat stroke,” Strange said.

Chief Shore added the police department is talking to the owner about seeing if any changes could be made to the situation.

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