A ghostly photo adds to the mystery of one Baltimore haunt


BALTIMORE, Maryland (WJZ) – In Baltimore, Bertha’s is famous for their food, drinks, their bumper stickers, and for ghost.

Laura Norris is one of the owners. When working upstairs, she’s felt it’s presence and even asked for safe passage.

“And I stammered… I’m not going to hurt you, I’m just going home, bye-bye,” explains Norris.

In fact, there are so many ghosts here in the wind one ghost story follows another.

Melissa Rowell gives ghost tours that start at Bertha’s. One of her clients, sent her a photo. In the photo a vague image of a little girl, her hand stretched out through the window. That’s what people are seeing and it coincides with a ghost story from here.

“And people have seen the same little girl skipping in the other room,” says Rowell.

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