Colonel William, Bill, Eisenhart is 97 years old, and considers himself one of the lucky ones…“I was very fortunate to live that long… might as well shoot for a hundred now,” he said.

Eisenhart was a United States Air Force pilot and Squadron Commander of the 359th bomber squadron, credited with nearly 50 combat missions. In his 35 years with the military, he served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. “Quite a transition from WWII to Vietnam, and, I’ll say that again, I don’t wanna do that again. But, somebody has to do it, when called upon,” Eisenhart said.

His memories, sharper than his hearing now.“It was a mission that turned everything around,” he said. Scheinfurt, Germany, 1943.

“We lost 60 airplanes and crews and… that was a big blow to 8th Air Force, but we recovered and… made well known that the United States and the allies are gonna press on.”

Friday, as part of Hospice Care of the Lowcountry’s “We honor our Veteran’s Program, JROTC cadets from Bluffton High School and marines from Air Station Beaufort, came to Bill’s home to say thank you.

In one frame, Bill, the high cadets, current marines, and fellow veteran neighbors, gathered for a photo.America’s past, present, and future.“I think you’re proud of your service, aren’t you?” said Eisenhart’s wife, Penny. “Absolutely,” they said, together.