5-year-old calls 911 to save Christmas from the Grinch


BYRAM, Miss. (WLBT) — A 5-year-old Mississippi boy did the unthinkable when he thought the Grinch was going to ruin his Christmas.

Tylon Pittman, of Byram, was watching a video on his smartphone and did not like what he saw, so he decided to call 911. A police officer responded to the call and showed up to the Pittman family home to assure Tylon that the Grinch would not ruin his Christmas.

“He calls people all the time,” said Tylon’s mother Teresa Brown-Pittman. “If he gets your number, he’s going to call you and blow you up; but to dial 911, oh my God, no.”

To make sure justice was served, the Byram Police Department set up a big surprise for Tylon, allowing him to arrest and take the Grinch into a holding cell at the jail.

After deciding the Grinch had enough time to think about his actions, Tylon released him from the holding cell. With this capture under his belt, Tylon offered his services

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