43 million people traveling for July 4th weekend, most by car



Authorities and airport officials are on high alert around the world this holiday weekend, but Triple A says millions are still traveling.

When it comes to driving or flying, News 3’s Courtney Cole spoke to people in our area to find out how they’re getting to their July 4th destinations.

If you’re packing up the car for a road trip this Independence Day Weekend, prepare for plenty of company out on the roadways!

Because according to Triple A—of the 43 million people traveling during the holiday, about 36 million of them are fastening their seat belts and hitting the open road!

That’s more than half of the people traveling altogether!

And low gas prices have a lot to do with this decision for travelers here in Savannah.

Erica Brown told News 3 the less money she has to shell out for her car, the better!

“First of the month, bills-so, gas is extremely at a low price right now, so that’s a plus!” Brown said.

Triple A says cheap gas prices leaves people with more money to spend and also strengthens consumer confidence.

And if cheaper gas isn’t enough incentive for you, Scott Bernard told News 3 travelers should just think of it as another opportunity to bond with your family and friends.

“It’s less expensive to drive right now because of gas prices and it’s a great time to spend with family in the car…just having great time moving from spot to spot.”

Air travel is seeing some growth as well, but nothing close to auto travel, with only about three-million people deciding to head to the airport.

Amelia Carmen and Jeff Pavlat told us they came to Savannah from Orlando to celebrate Amelia’s birthday—and taking an airplane was out of the question!

“Going to the airport is a big hassle, you know you’re going to pack, get there-especially with TSA. Going through TSA…eh…Orlando is okay, airport wise. It was just easier, more hassle free,” said Carmen.

And although driving may have taken a little bit longer, she says every mile was worth it.

“Great city,awesome city. It was amazing, it was great! Best birthday ever!”

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