3 On Your Side: TSA talks to News 3, gives helpful tips for holiday travel season



Going through the TSA line is the one part many travelers dread during their visit to the airport.

That’s why News 3’s Courtney Cole has some suggestions to make for a smooth, quick trip through security screening.

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year to travel!

But knowing what you can and cannot pack can make your trip through the TSA line a whole lot easier.

So let’s talk about what you can’t bring in your carry-on luggage:

-Hardware tools like hammers, wrenches and crowbars


-Self defense weapons like knives, brass knuckles, knives and pepper spray

-Any type of fitness weight, because it could also potentially be used as a weapon

-Lighter fluid, dynamite, flammable

-Any items that are replicas of weapons

“TSA says every month they collect 40-50 pounds of items just like this[fake grenade and this snow globe] and this doesn’t even include liquids and aerosols that many try to bring through the security checkpoint.”

Liquids can’t be larger than 3.4 fluid ounces…But where does that magic number come from?

Mark Howell, TSA Regional Spokesperson, says it all comes down to math.

“3.4 ounces is 100 milliliters. But there’s also been scientific research done that shows that 3.4 ounces or 100 mL of an explosive liquid would be enough to do catastrophic damage to an aircraft, and that’s why that limit is set the way it is,” Howell told News 3.

But any liquid item larger than that can still be put into a checked bag.

And if you’re planning to travel with any food, just be sure to remember this:

“Basically if you can pour it and spread it, it’s not allowed. It’s going to fall into the liquids and gels category. The solid foods , as most foods are, are going to be okay through checkpoint,” Howell said.

As far as gifts go, it’s better to leave them un-wrapped or in a gift bag. That way if TSA has to check it, all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste!


-The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and E-Cigarettes both remain banned by all airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA.) If you are found with either of these items at a security checkpoint, you will be asked to leave and come back without them.What happens to the items that you are not allowed to take through a TSA Checkpoint?

“The one common myth is that TSA confiscates things, which is not the case. We’re always going to give everyone an option to get rid of the item [the best way he/she sees fit] before proceeding through the checkpoint,” said Howell.

Those options include:

-Putting it into your checked luggage

-Putting it back in the car (if you have enough time)

-Giving it to a family member


-At the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport, you even have the option to mail the item to yourself.

For a full list of TSA’s prohibited items, click here.

If you don’t see the item you’d like to bring on your trip on the list, click here to type in and check your specific item.

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