HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) – In February, 19-year-old Mallory Beach died in a boating crash.

Now, her mother is making changes to a civil lawsuit connected to her daughter’s death and the people who she believes are responsible.

A restaurant, a local couple, and the grandfather of the alleged driver of the boat were all removed from Renee Beach’s wrongful death lawsuit.

But three defendants remain and the amended suit details what role they are believed to have played in the night Mallory died.

“It is being handled in a very normal fashion,” said Dick Harpootlian, Paul Murdaugh’s lawyer back on May 6.

“Anything to add about why he pled not guilty?” News 3 asked.

“He is not guilty,” Harpootlian responded.

20-year-old Murdaugh pleaded not guilty that day to charges of Boating Under the Influence causing great bodily harm and boating under the influence causing death.

He is accused of being the driver of a boat back on February 23. He was allegedly drunk, as were the other five underage people on the boat, including 19-year-old Mallory Beach.

The boat hit a pylon, throwing Mallory out. She hit her head, sunk in the water and her body was not found for more than a week.

Mallory’s mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Hampton County court back in May.

She has now amended that suit, taking out Luther’s Rare and Well Done restaurant, Kristy and James Wood and Paul Murdaugh’s grandfather Randolph Murdaugh.

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Randolph Murdaugh was originally connected to the lawsuit because the teens alleged were drinking, possibly with his knowledge, on a family piece of property.

Parker’s convenience store in Ridgeland remains connected to the suit. The claim is that a clerk there sold alcohol to the teen Murdaugh while he was using his older brother’s identification.

The suit claims that the clerk “knew or should have known” that the license was not Paul Murdaugh. If the clerk, the suit continues on to say, “in the exercise of care” stopped the sale, this possibly would not have happened.

Richard Alexander Murdaugh, Paul’s father and Richard Alexander Murdaugh, jr, his older brother, are still connected to the lawsuit.

The claim is that Paul’s brother “knowingly and willingly provided his minor brother with his driver’s license for the purpose of purchasing and consuming alcohol by minors”.

And that Paul’s father “knowingly and willfully” allowed his son to illegally use his brother’s identification, and he “knew or should have known that the minor was using another’s license to purchase and consume alcohol.”

The suit is asking for a monetary award for Renee Beach’s grief, sorrow and emotional anguish connected to her daughter’s death.

Paul Murdaugh was not named in the civil lawsuit.

The presumption is he is a minor, and a college student and does not have any monetary assets himself.

Paul Murdaugh pleaded not guilty back in May to the criminal charges.

There are no new court dates or a trial date on the court calendar for that case.