2 similar Chatham County rape cases not connected


SAVANNAH, Ga -(WSAV) A pair of sexual assault remain under investigation by two separate police departments. The crimes were reported with similar circumstances before the alleged assaults: Victims hanging out in downtown Savannah, drinks, then memory loss. The first case was reported by two women on September 29. Savannah Police Department(SPD) launched an investigation. The following Sunday, detectives with Chatham County Police Department(CCPD) police were called to a hospital about another sexual assault.

Though the crimes appear to be alike on the surface, Chatham County Police Department Public Infor Mation Officer, Betsey Nolen says police are definitely looking for different suspects, “We have confirmed that our case is in no way related to the case being investigated by the Savannah Police Department,” answered by email when asked if the cases are connected, ” More details will be forthcoming as our investigation progresses, but I do not have further information that I can release at this time,” Nolen added.

One of the victims in Savannah told investigators she remembered being “In Pour Larry’s” bar in city Market, but woke in an apartment or townhome, with two men “pounding her”, but was “unable to speak or move.” WSAV Crime Expert, retired Savannah Police Major, Gerry Long, says after reading the incident report from SPD says she feels something other than alcohol triggered the memory loss in the victims, “They’re succumbing to date rape drugs obviously. That’s where the memory goes wrong,” Long said. She adds that the location of Pour Larry’s should offer some clues for the SPD case because of the network of cameras in City Market, “There are, there are video resources available, particularly in this area. Um, potentially information coming from employees in the bar and or any other witnesses,” SPD will not confirm video evidence in their case at this time, “This is an active investigation and we will not be able to discuss it further,” said, Bianca Johnson, SPD Public Information Coordinator.

As detectives try to find the accused rapists, Long says people beyond the borders where the alleged assaults took place should take note, “People outside of Chatham County should be concerned simply because one: Criminals are mobile. And two: This type of behavior is not restricted to Savannah or Chatham County. There are similar instances I would guarantee in any college community. In any entertainment community. It’s not unknown. Date rape drugs have been around for quite some time,” Long said, adding people need to make personal safety a priority when socializing on the town, in any town, ” There are some basic things they can do to protect themselves. They need to be paying attention to what’s going on immediately around them when they’re in the night club, not leaving their drinks on the table unattended. Ya’ know, not trusting someone who they just met. They have no idea who this person is,” Long said.

Both investigations continue and no arrests have been made. In the Savannah case, Anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to contact the Special Victims Unit at (912) 651-6742, the Violent Crimes Tip Line at (912) 525-3124 or CrimeStoppers at (912) 234-2020. Tipsters remain anonymous and may qualify for a cash reward. In the Chatham County Police Department case, anyone with information is asked to call the Chatham County Police Department Tip Line at 912-650-6161 or CrimeStoppers as well.

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