13 puppies found abandoned in Liberty County, animal control says


MIDWAY, Ga. (WSAV) – 13 puppies were found dumped in the area of Jones Creek Park and Isle of Wight Road in Midway, according to Liberty County Animal Services.

The dogs were found between last Thursday and Friday. They are all within three to four months old and of the same breed, director Steve Marrero said.

Officials with animal services were able to rescue eight of the puppies – two ran to the woods, one was dead upon arrival and two were thrown off a bridge and drowned, according to Marrero. One dog was suffering a broken jaw from being hit by a car and was brought to the vet. Marrero told News 3 that dog is doing well.

Marrero said the department sees animal abandonment almost daily, but it’s uncommon to see it with this many dogs.

Patricia Durham, owner of K9 Battle Buddies in Hinesville, said one question went through her mind when a witness called to tell her what happened.

“Why?” Durham asked. “There are so many rescues that would take these puppies. We stay full all the time. There’s such a problem, people don’t spay and neuter and there’s so many rescue dogs but even I would’ve been able to take them in, reached out to other rescues and worked together.”

“I honestly can’t come up with an answer as to why,” Durham said. “I myself could never do something like that, I don’t know what makes them do it. We never get to the dumpers, we only get to the ones who find them.”

Durham took to Facebook, posting about the incident in hopes of finding who is responsible and holding them accountable.

In the six years she’s owned her rescue, Durham said she’s dealt with a number of situations involving pets being dumped. Under Georgia law, it’s illegal to intentionally abandon animals on private or public property.

“We want something done,” she said. “The people in the communities want something done. The only way we’re gonna get things changed is by the people speaking out.”

Marrero said police and the Department of Agriculture were made aware of the incident.

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