12 Veterans move into their new tiny homes in Savannah


It’s a project two years in the making with a goal of helping homeless veterans in Savannah.

Phase one of the Tiny House Project is complete and 12 veterans moved into the finished units on Dundee Street in Savannah.

“There isn’t a mansion, or condo anywhere as fine as that. It means that much,” said George Bacon, an Airforce Veteran.

For the twelve veterans, this stable home gives them hope.

“We spend so much of our lives proving that were worth being cared for. We give everything we got. To me that’s not a tiny house. There isn’t a place on the face of this earth as fine as that to me. what that does is give me hope cuz now I can see where I wanna go to. It’s not for me to stay in forever. It means so much to me,” said Bacon.

The tiny homes are fully furnished with a full bathroom, a kitchen, a bed and a television.

“We have women here. There are Marines, Airforce, Army, Navy, and you feel sometimes that you’re forgotten. Sometimes it makes it seem like they’re doing something for you, but you see they didn’t give me this, I earned it. I earned it by serving,” said Bacon.

According to the Chatham Savannah Homeless Authority, there are roughly 231 homeless veterans in the Savannah area. This effort is expected to lower that number. There are still two more phases left of the project. Eventually, there will be 71 tiny homes available for homeless veterans in need.

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