11-year-old’s phone number found listed on escort website


MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CNN) – A Wisconsin mother was horrified to learn that her 11-year-old daughter’s phone number was listed on an escort website.

Faith Baldus said a man going by the name “John” called her daughter’s cell phone looking for an escort. Her daughter did not answer. John was sent to voicemail, where Baldus’ number is listed in case of emergencies.

John then called Baldus, and the two realized what was going on.

“You need to search it and get your daughter’s information off of there,” John said to Baldus.

Baldus said she went to the website and found her daughter’s number listed under an escort’s name and photo, along with all the services the escort provided.

“Actually just having to read through all those really opened my eyes to how disgusting this world really is,” Baldus said.

Baldus said she has no idea how her daughter’s number ended up on the site, but said she did file a police report. Officers said the number appears to have accidentally been listed.

Baldus has since changed her daughter’s phone number.

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