11-year-old’s hilarious Santa letter asks for $985 million

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ATLANTA (WXIA) — More often than not, little girls ask Santa for a puppy, toys electronics and more.

But as WXIA reports, one Georgia girl took her it a step further — asking Santa for something everyone wants.

The 11-year-old started her letter to Santa with the basic questions: How is Mrs. Claus? Are the elves busy? The usual.

She then politely asked Santa if he had a spare moment for her to relay her Christmas wishes.

From art supplies to an iPhone 8, the gifts seemed typical.

But after her itemized requests, she hit Santa with a lofty one.

“I would also like $985 million with all this too,” the 11-year-old wrote, adding that she has “been really (scratch that) extremely good this year.”

We’re not sure if Santa carries around that much cash in his sleigh, but if he does, he’s definitely been holding out on us.

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