11-year-old multilingual singer with Lowcountry ties releases new, empowering song


GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WSAV) — Eleven-year-old performing artist Carson Holley is taking her talents to the airwaves once again with the release of her third single and second original song, “Boss Lady.”

The former Bluffton, South Carolina, resident says she’s excited to share the multilingual track with the world when it drops on Thursday. 

Performed in English and Spanish, “Boss Lady” follows the release of Carson’s first original song, “Que Late,” in November 2019.

The Latin pop recording artist, who’s been performing professionally since age 7 and was a featured singer at the Disney Springs New Year’s Eve gala in 2019, tells WSAV.com NOW that she hopes her latest single’s empowering message will resonate with many.

“When someone tries to put you down and say you’re not good enough, you always have the permission to say ‘no,’ that you’re not gonna let them take you down today,” the singer and actress shared in a Zoom interview.

Carson, whose father Russell was a longtime coach in the Savannah/Hilton Head area, says she understands that all of us sometimes feel like we’re not good enough, and her uplifting song speaks to those battling with those emotions.

“I just want to let the people who are feeling that way know that they are good enough and that they are meaningful,” Carson said.

Carson Holley performs live with the LaCalle Band at Disney Springs on New Years Eve 2019. (Image courtesy of Carson Jean Holley)

The multi-talented pre-teen tells WSAV.com NOW that she’s looking forward to debuting “Boss Lady” with her first live performance of the song on Saturday at the BloomFest music festival. 

The April 25 event is going virtual in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It’s going to be kind of new and different, and I’m really excited because I love a live audience, but I’m still sharing my craft, and that’s really what matters,” Carson said, adding, “When people hear me, that’s what I really love.”

While she embraces the new format of performing and sharing her work, for Carson, nothing compares to the feeling of interacting with a live, in-person crowd.

“You don’t really know the reaction they’re gonna have, so that definitely comes with a little bit of nervousness, but there’s also more adrenaline, which is great,” said Carson, who can belt out notes in French, English, Italian, German and Spanish.

Carson Holley works on her single, “Que Late,” in the recording studio. (Image courtesy of Carson Jean Holley)

“When you go in the studio, it’s all chill and you get to do it a million times, but when you’re live, you only get to do it once, which is really cool, and I like the energy of a live audience because they just give it back to you, and you can kind of play off what they’re giving to you,” she said.

The fifth-grader, who’s also showcased her talents through theatrical, film and television performances, says the term “boss lady” has a special meaning to her.

“People are always trying to tell me what to do, like, ‘oh, this is what you need to do to get here in your career,’ and I’m like, I love what you have to say, but I kinda want to do what I want to do, and I feel like I’m the boss lady,” Carson said. 

Her new single is available to download across all major digital platforms. 

To hear more from Carson Holley and learn about her expanding career, visit her website by clicking here, or follow her on social media at @carsonjeanholley.

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