Almost half a million drivers are expected to take to the streets this weekend, and with that, police are stepping-up patrols and asking motorists to take a little more time to drive safely and have a little more patience when heading out.

South Carolina roadways are about to see its deadliest part of the year as drivers hit the pavement this holiday weekend. 

“People on vacation, out of school, traveling through the state of South Carolina, so it just tends to be, unfortunately be a spike in our fatality county from that Memorial Day period to that Labor Day time period,” said Cpl. Judd Jones.

During that period, known as the “100 deadliest days,” police see many accidents with the same outcome, but with various causes.

“Lack of seatbelt usage, speeding, DUI is still the leading cause of fatalities in South Carolina, people just need to exercise a little more patience out here on the roadways, expect a lot of traffic out here on the roadways and prepare for that.”

One of the biggest things drivers need to watch out for this year is a boom in construction.

“Right we have several areas of construction throughout the state, just know that you have to reduce your speed in those areas, watch out for the workers out there, and expect delays, and as I said, travel with a little extra patience when you’re out there.”

Patience and anticipation could be your biggest assets this summer.

“Avoid distractions, cell phone usage, people in the car with you can also be a distraction, but the things is, expect it. Know there’s going to be extra traffic on the roadways, prepare for those things, leave a little bit early, leave yourself a little extra time for travel. All of those things will hopefully help you have a safer trip.”

Police say one of the biggest things you can do to help is to report any suspicious activity. If you see someone driving unsafely, authorities ask that you call *HP.