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Controlling the indoor air conditions of your home or building is a science. Building science principles guide our efforts in providing complete control of air quality, temperature, humidity and energy consumption in Savannah area properties. Bryant Dunn, president of McCalls HVAC and a certified Building Analyst, will create a customized solution to put you in control of your indoor environment.

Your “whole house assessment” begins with a conversation about the issues you are experiencing and your goals for improvement. We then proceed with an inspection and diagnostic testing, as needed, to come up with a “scope of work”. The scope of work will focus on the three pillars of home and building performance. They are:

● The home or building envelope: This is the boundary between conditioned and non-conditioned space. Deficiencies in this area lead to dust, poor air quality and high energy bills. We can measure how “leaky” or “tight” a home is and make recommendations based on these measurements

● The duct system: Common deficiencies are duct systems that leak up to 40% of their air flow, duct systems that were never designed to deliver the proper amount of air to each room and lack of return air. Duct design and proper installation is critical for home performance. New air conditioning equipment installed on an old, leaky duct system is a poor investment.

● The HVAC equipment: This acronym stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Proper selection and sizing are important. Bigger is not better. Most often I find that uncomfortable areas in the home are caused by problems with the envelope and ducts and/or the equipment is too large for the space.

Once we understand your issues and goals we will develop a plan for complete control. Often times these improvements will be spread out over time as budgets, timing and seasonality dictate. We offer multiple financing options and manufacturer's rebates throughout the year.

We offer 24 hour, 7 day a week service with special pricing for participants in our twice a year maintenance plans.

McCall’s HVAC is your local Trane Comfort Specialist and an advocate for you in creating a better indoor environment. Call us at 912-898-1888, email us at or go to our website

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