UPDATE: Arrest in shooting that left husband dead and wife wounded

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UPDATE: Savannah Police, with the assistance of the Savannah Regional Fugitive Task Force, have arrested Victor McMillar, 26, in connection with the November 3 shooting that resulted in the death of Donte Chisolm and wounding of his wife Desiree Chisholm. McMillar has been charged with murder and aggravated assault.

A Savannah father was shot and killed on Saturday night. The shooting left his wife in critical condition.

Tonight News 3’s Darius Johnson spoke to the children and siblings exclusively, who say it’s been rough since they got the call and they’ve never dealt with anything like this before.

“He is a great father of four, a loving husband, he loved the lord…and he just loves family, he always put his family first, his wife meant a lot to him and his mother did also,” Donte’s Baby Sister, Stephanie Chisolm said.  “They knew that they had to kill him because of his name and who he was and how great and how much he was loved.”

Heartbreak is the best way to describe what this family is going through. Police say Saturday night around 11, Donte Chisolm was shot in the head and killed at 61st and Montgomery Streets.

His wife Desiree was also shot but is expected to be ok.

“I wake up every night screaming lord please wake me up of this dream because I pray that it’s a dream and it’s not,” says his oldest sister, Debra Chisolm.

It’s hard for his two sisters as Debra wipes away her tears as Stephanie holds her hand.

“He cherished his family and I love that about him. His wife and children, oh man, he cherished his family,” Debra Chisolm said.

“He never sold drugs, he’s not a street guy, he’s not some thug, so we know it had to be intentionally. And the way my brother is you’re not going to take from him because he’s going to put up a fight,” Stephanie Chisolm said.

But for his four children ages 10, 12, 14, and 15, it’s an even tougher loss.

“It’s hard because I really loved him. I  just wish that he can be here but we hone make him happy and we gone do everything that he wanted us to do,” says his oldest and only daughter Dontejaah Chisolm.

Their plan is to continue to live life, while remembering everything he taught them from day one.

“He never had a conflict with any violence he handled his way as a man, hard-working man,” says 14-year-old, Donte Chisolm Jr.

“The last thing I told him I wanted to be was a doctor,” 12-year-old Dontray Chisolm said.

“He raised us to be a man, so when I found out i took it like a man and I didn’t cry or nothing because I knew he was going to a better place,” 10-year-old Dontevin Chisolm.

Then there is 15-year-old Dontejaah trying to stay strong. But she’s struggling with trying to figure out how to keep her family together and be a big sister to her three brothers at such a young age.

I asked her how she felt about the gun violence in Savannah. “It’s terrible an innocent person getting killed for no reason, and even my mom she’s innocent they’re the sweetest people like I don’t understand why them,” she says.

The family has a message for the city of Savannah and for the shooter.

“Don’t let gun violence or any violence take your happiness away,” Dontray Chisolm says.

“This crime was so senseless. So senseless that it didn’t need to happen to take away a good man like that,” Debra Chisolm says.

“Because I’m a true believer,  I forgive you, but one thing about it you gone pay for it,” Stephanie Chisolm said.

The family says they are extremely grateful for the love and support they’ve received.

There is no official go fund me page to help them at this time despite a post being shared on social media. If you would like to help the family – contact them directly.

If you have any information about the shooting call Crimestoppers at (912)-234-2020. You can remain anonymous.

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