House Check program in Candler County keeps a watchful eye over residents’ property

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CANDLER COUNTY, Ga., (WSAV)- Peace of mind is what some homeowners are getting thanks to an effort by the candler county sheriff’s office under their “house check” program.

It’s a program where deputies keep an eye on the homes of people who are out of town.

Driving through the streets of Candler County you’ll see houses decorated for the holiday season.
You’ll also see some driveways empty, which could mean the owner has left town for the holidays. 

Capt. Jamey O’Brien of the Candler County Sheriff’s Office says when homeowners leave town during this time of the year the house check program will allow sheriff’s deputies to look after it.

“We encourage people obviously, with the gifts and presents and things people have purchased, and they leave home and they leave them under the tree. There’s an increased need for security going out of town so, we would highly recommend it.,” O’Brien explained.

He also said its easy for residents to sign up. All they would have to do is contact the sheriff’s office and ask to be placed on the house checklist. 

“They will give us the address and the beginning and end date. Then during that time our deputies will patrol that resident or that business and see if they notice anything suspicious, or just to be seen in the area,” O’Brien said. 

O’Brien also added, even though house check is recommended during the holiday season, it’s offered all year long. 

 “So, they can call us any time of the year to have this done whether it’s for a two or three-day time frame, or basically indefinitely,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien also emphasized the program is open to everyone in the county, even the rural areas. He said the purpose of the program is just to give residents a sense of security and assure them their house will be under a watchful eye when they’re not around. 

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