HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WSAV) – Hundreds of people took to the streets of Hilton Head Island Monday for one reason, to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by coming out as one, unified for the cause of peace and freedom.

“Knowing that we all come together no matter your race your color your creed your financial background, your religious background,” said Andrea Guess, a marcher. “Everybody is coming in and joining in to celebrate a remarkable man.”

A man whose words were printed on signs carried down the parade route.

A man whose parents wanted to make sure their kids didn’t just read about him in a history book, but that they know what he stands for.

“We have to bring them out so they know the importance and Dr. Martin Luther King and why we are all able to march out here together today,” said Lola Campbell.

“I tell them to just be thoughtful active citizens,” said Erin Erenberg.

Every step is designed to bring the community together. Something that State Senator Tom Davis is a difficult task these days.

“I think now more than ever Martin Luther King’s admonition to us to love your opponent, to love your enemy,” said State Sen. Tom Davis. “To hate the sin but love the sinner. To listen civilly and try to find a consensus. I think that particular message, particularly in our current political climate is more of a reminder than ever on how to accomplish positive change.”

While change doesn’t come from just one march. Everyone here feels that their steps are a step in the right direction for the community and hopefully the entire country.

A dream everyone can get behind.

“This is my fourth march here and I will continue as long as my legs keep moving to be a part of something as great and valuable as this situation we have this morning,” said Bill Payne, a former teacher and marcher.

More than 200 people came out to today’s march and program.