‘His words are powerful’ MLK’s granddaughter talks about his legacy

Honoring MLK Jr.

At just 10 years old, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s granddaughter says she wants to keep her grandfather’s legacy alive.

Yolanda King says she knows her family history and wants to use it to forward her grandfather’s mission.

“Do you want to follow in your grandfather’s footsteps?” asked NBC Nightly’s Rehema Ellis.

“Well, some footsteps I do wanna follow and keep on the legacy because some of them are important. But I wanna make my own footsteps.”

Yolanda was put in the national spotlight after speaking at an anti-gun rally in D.C. last year.

Ellis asked about what she thought of her grandfather’s memorable speech in 1963 in Washington.

“It had structure. His words are powerful. And he said it with power. So you can actually feel it through your soul,” said Yolanda.

“Well, your grandfather was a hero. Have you always known that? You’re only 10 years old,” asked Ellis.

“Yes, I knew all the amazing stuff that he has done,” Yolanda answered, adding, “It wasn’t till I was older till I really knew how deep and how special the stuff that he did was and how important it was and how much sacrifices he made for us.”

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