DALLAS, TX (WBAL/NBC News) – A Texas mom unhappy after not being able to find a Santa Claus her sons could relate to has created an app to help others.

Jihan Woods, a psychiatrist from Dallas, Texas is the creator of the “Find Black Santa” app.

“After several years of trying to find a Santa that was relatable, that my children could identify with, I realized that, specifically, in Dallas, I wasn’t able to find a Santa that represented my family,” Woods said.

The app lists Santas in 35 states and Washington D.C. She’s even located them in London, Canada and Amsterdam. 

Since creating the app, organizations have reached out to tell her about their black Santas and black Santas have asked her to list them for events.

“Specifically for black children, it’s really important in racial and ethnic development that children see figures — whether it’s in the media, a mystical figure, like, Santa — because it’s really helpful for their development,” Woods said.

Woods’ lifelong Santa, Santa Luke, says while he likes being on the app, what’s important is his heart.

“I do agree with Santa Luke. It’s really about the magic of Christmas,” Woods said.