AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Wednesday, a community came together to thank a smiling face that, while they might not greet her face-to-face every day, is a very visible part of their little corner of the city.

Louvenia Gray is a crossing guard at Tutt Middle School – a job she’s performed for 51 years.

Recently, Gray was a victim of an armed robbery – a gun was pulled on her, and her purse was stolen.

First, school officials consoled her. Through her tears, she told Assistant Principal Uhuru Burnette that in all her 87 years, she’d never experienced anything like it.

Then, the community found out.

To honor her daily service to decades of Tutt Middle School students, community members decided they would to come together to help her have the kind of Christmas they all felt she deserves.

Tanya Thompson, the gift presenter said, “We just recently moved here. I’m from Charlotte originally. My husbands from Richmond. And this will be the school my child will go to next year. So, the event happening so close to our home knowing this was a school that I will come to support when my child attends here really was the driving factor.”

The Richmond County School System tells WJBF that this was a community-driven effort to recognize Gray and bring her a little Christmas cheer.

The gift, a variety of gift cards to shops in the CSRA, was a complete surprise to Gray.

When thanked for all she’d done for the community, she replied, “You’re welcome – it’s my pleasure.”

Then she went back to making sure the cross walk across from Tutt was safe to cross for those coming to and from the school.