SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — It’s the season of giving back and giving thanks and local nonprofits are gearing up for their annual Thanksgiving dinner, helping as many families as possible.

Old Savannah City Mission is a little more than a week away from their ‘Great Day of Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner,’ a huge event for the non-profit. WSAV spoke with Jermaine Ray, program director.

“We’re having it outside,” Ray said. “We rent a big giant tent, sort of like a circus tent. We have two different choirs coming from two different churches for the music this year. So, we’ll have singers out there, praise and worship.”

They are preparing to give away personal care items and of course a dinner with all of the fixings.

“We’re giving away hygiene bags, we’re giving away socks, and we’re giving away food bags,” Ray added. “We’re also having a raffle this year for our friends and neighbors where they have a chance of winning sleeping bags, bikes, and gift cards to different fast food places in the area.”

“Brand new clothes and brand-new jackets,” he said as he showed all the donated items. “All these black bags are brand new jackets – men’s and women’s jackets and clothes that we have for the event this year.”

We asked Ray about their last-minute needs from the community. He told us volunteers are more than welcome to help outside of the kitchen.

“We just want volunteers to sit with our friends and neighbors and just talk to them – get to know their story and background. They’ll know that the community is helping out.”

Last year, the non-profit served around 300 people and is expecting more this year. Ray told us it isn’t a problem considering they’ve received tremendous support from churches, retirement homes and even big-name companies like Hanes.

If you are looking to donate for the big day next week, Ray said it’s not too late.

“If anybody has any wood, we are using a wood rotisserie this year. If anyone has any firewood, we could use we’ll really appreciate that.”

Their annual dinner will be held Wednesday, November 22 at Old Savannah City Mission.