College student’s books inspires children to be proud of their culture

Black History Month

ATLANTA (WXIA/NBC) – College student’s books inspires children to be proud of their African American culture

A college student in Georgia is writing short stories with a goal of keeping African American culture alive and helping kids feel proud of their race and heritage.

In 2019, Earnest Lewis took a break from Georgia State University.

He couldn’t take a break from all the ideas in his mind.

“Just imagine a modern age Dr. Seuss,” said Lewis.

He started writing short stories for children filled with uplifting themes.

“Self love, loving others. Hope…”

After Lewis’ stories started getting published, he kept writing, finishing 11 books in 2020.

Lewis’ favorite story that he’s written is The Journey of the Little Brown Boy.

“The short story focuses on this young brown boy who moved to a purple,” explained Lewis, “And he had to learn to overcome that and just embrace who he really was his gift conforming to the purple society.”

Lewis has read his stories to elementary students in Georgia.

“I actually was brought to tears. Because at the end, they came up and hugged me and said, Thank you. It’s not necessarily for money at all. It’s more the message is more important to me than that is 1000 times more important to me, actually.”

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