Operation Riptide Mugshots


Aaron Wayne Jacobs, W/M, 27 years of age, Waynesville, GA, occupation –EMT/Fireman

Andrew Chase Lowe, W/M, 19 years of age, from St. Mary’s, GA, occupation -landscaper

Andrew Paul Stawniczy, W/M, 25 years of age, from Orange Park, FL, occupation - tirestore employee

Antwan Levar Polite, B/M, 26 years of age, Hinesville, GA, occupation – restaurantemployee/student

Armando Modesto-Sevilla, H/M, 22 years of age, from Waycross, GA, occupation -agricultural worker

Bryant Keith Taylor, W/M, 35 years of age, from Brunswick, GA, occupation - truckdriver

Christopher Oquendo Martinez, H/M, from Jacksonville, FL, 24 years of age, occupation- construction worker

Donald Ray Sheffield, W/M, from Jacksonville, FL, 58 years of age, occupation - truckdriver

John Robert Schmidt, W/M, 36 years of age, from Jacksonville, FL, occupation - food &beverage manager

Joshua Adam Bullard, W/M, 19 years of age, from Kings Bay, GA, occupation - USNavy

Kenneth Dwayne Baker, W/M, from Waynesville, GA, 24 years of age, occupation -HVAC worker

Kevin Scott Kerr, W/M, 48 years of age, St. Paul, MN, occupation – commoditiestrader/news contributor

Michael Morrow Foley, W/M, 52 years of age, from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, occupation- driver

Rigoberto Margarito Hernandez, H/M, from Brunswick, GA, 21 years of age, occupation- construction

Samuel M. Lee, A/M, 26 years of age, from St. Mary’s, GA, occupation - defensecontractor

Troy Austin Piano, W/M, 23 years of age, Jacksonville, FL, occupation – self employed

Ulbio Quijije, H/M, 26 years of age, from Kingsland, GA, occupation - self employed