GALLERY: WSAV viewers share pet rescue stories

Shine is up for adoption at Renegade Paws Rescue, but in the meantime, she is staying with the Littles family. She is believed to be a springer, spaniel and beagle mix about 5 months old. “She was brought in as a stray and has never had a loving home!” Abigale Littles wrote. “She loves toys, walks, and to be cuddled!”

Carly Glynn is lucky to have Lucky! In her second year of college at GSU, Carly adopted her this sweet dog from the Humane Society for Greater Savannah, knowing she only wanted a rescue animal. Lucky kept Carly company at school, even helping improve her grades and health. From 2016 to now, the two are inseparable. (submission by Carly’s grandma, Nancy Robinson)

This is Sadie, who just recently celebrated National Mutt Day. Her owner, Tina, said she was found on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. She was just 8 weeks old when they took her home!

Say ‘hi’ to Sandee! He’s a Humane Society for Greater Savannah alumni and is now 14 years old. His owner, Annie, says she was watching WSAV’s Perfect Pets in ‘06 when she decided to bring him home. “He’s been the best companion anyone could ask for!” Annie wrote. “Please adopt your next pet, you won’t regret!”

Jill & Jim Murphy have three sweet girls who are all rescues. Piper, their 4-year-old Shihtzu was adopted at Coastal Pet Rescue in Savannah. Penelope, also 4, is a Maltese/Bichon who was found running the streets in Pennsylvania. Their 8-year-old Phobe is a Maltese who was rescued in Ohio. “They are all a total joy to our family,” the Murphys wrote.

Meet Hunny, who was rescued from a drug house by Beaufort County Animal Service. She had 8 puppies and tried very hard to take care of them, but Hunny had to be separated due to her health. Her owner said drugs were found in her abdomen, but she was able to recover with help from Hilton Head Humane. “She became my best friend during this process and I cannot imagine my life without her. Please Clear The Shelters, a gem is waiting for you there,” Hunny’s owner Laura Tipton wrote.

Jenna Bower, an organizer of local litter pickup group Savannah Trash Warriors, brought her dog Rowan on their first-ever pickup in 2018 when they ran into a huge dog on MLK Boulevard. Bower tried to find a possible owner and eventually took him to Animal Control. After three weeks, no one claimed him, so she decided to go back and adopt him. Bower named him Marty in honor of the street he was found on. He now lives with her family of other rescues, Rowan and Cincy.

WSAV’s Morning EP Enocha Edenfield has two rescue stories to share. Her husband Josh adopted their cat Wymm from the Humane Society of Bay County in Florida to propose to her. Of course, she said yes to Wymm (an acronym for “Will You Marry Me?”)! Their puppy Vash the Stampede is the latest addition to the family. They adopted him from Lovable Paws Rescue in Hardeeville back in March. Vash was named after a character from an anime called "Trigun." Just like his namesake, this puppy is a gangly mess with a heart of gold who also likes treats.

Colossus was born at the Liberty County Humane Shelter. Three years ago, Fawn Belthem saw his picture on their Facebook page and fell in love! Her other dog Jordi was found by her husband coming out of the woods near Evans Army Airfield. Jordi was in pretty bad shape and they took him to the vet and found out he was not microchipped. The Belthems filed a report with Stray Facility at Ft. Stewart and Liberty Animal Control. When he wasn't claimed they chose to keep him! “Now, he has a safe home where he can smell the flowers anytime he likes,” Belthem wrote.

Meet Finn! He’s the family dog of WSAV’s Digital Producer Lauren Wolverton. In Dec. 2017, Lauren’s mom, Carolyn, was scrolling through Facebook when she saw a picture of Finn, who was at the Humane Society in Valdosta, Georgia. The Wolvertons weren’t looking for a dog, but something about him drew them in. They learned that Finn was so scared of the shelter, he was getting aggressive and was about to be euthanized. Luckily, his foster mom picked him up before that happened, and the Wolvertons got to adopt him the next day. “He rules the house now. He has a basket full of toys, goes for walks every day and gets plenty of belly scratches,” Carolyn wrote. “Finn brings us so much joy every single day!"

Say hello to MoMo! She was rescued by WSAV’s Photographer Nolan Helmly and his fiancée. Before she made it to their home, MoMo went through three other homes. She was left out during a severe storm in her previous how, so now MoMo is scared of water. But Nolan says she’s a perfect dog who barely barks and loves to snuggle. “The phrase ‘we didn’t rescue her, she rescued us,’ couldn’t be truer than with this cuddly hound,” Nolan wrote.

Joe Medina says he and his wife adopted their dogs, Luke and Gage, and cat Graffthat, all at different times. In 2014, they adopted Luke who was found on the streets of Atlanta. Three years later they got Fraffthat, and the two of them are best buds. Gage was adopted in 2018 from Palmetto Animal League. A Marine family was giving him away as they couldn’t give him time the pup needed at home. The Medinas were told Gage was relaxed, but they say that isn’t the case. Luke is an energetic dog who now has a backyard in to get out his energy.

Meet Champ! Three years ago, the Jaggers family went looking for a pet and found this guy who has become such an important part of the family. The Jaggers said when they saw him, he ran out of the shelter and they knew he was the one. Initially, the family was hesitant about Champ because of his heartworms and the cost that comes with it. But three years later, the Jaggers say he was worth every penny. “He is our baby. He is very loved.” (submission by Linda Jaggers)

From an underweight, terrified Chihuahua to an official team member at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, Twerp is has a rescue story like no other! She was adopted after the sheriff’s office program Operation New Hope, where inmates play and train with dogs from local shelters to help make them more adoptable. Now, Twerp serves as the unofficial mascot for the program, but she provides support to officers who might need a snuggle after a hard day at the jail. (submission by Jennifer Messer)