CINCINNATI, Ohio (NBC) — Shortages of antibiotics and medication have hit many stores and pharmacies across the nation as the cold and flu season gets underway.

This problem is impacting not only the big-box stores but local pharmacies as well.

“Every single day it’s a new problem,” said Joe Lutmer, Owner and Pharmacist at Tischbein Pharmacy in Cincinnati, Ohio. “Every single day we have to contact all our different wholesalers and find out what the availability of these products are.”

Whether it’s prescribed antibiotics or over-the-counter medication Lutmer said trying to keep products on the shelves has been a revolving door. He even has to reach out to his secondary and tertiary wholesalers.

“Our shelves at certain times have been completely empty of one product and then comes back on, and then it’s empty of another product,” Lutmer said. 

Suppliers haven’t given any answers yet as to why these shortages are happening. Lutmer believes the early start to the cold and flu season is partly due to our immune systems still being weaker after the pandemic, as life gets back to some normalcy.

“We are dealing with the issues that we dealt with two or three years ago when we had the flu in a normal season, but it’s coming earlier now because we are getting back into contact with each other,” Lutmer said. 

In the meantime, he said to make sure you check your medication supplies at home and stock up on any medications you can find that target specific symptoms if you can’t get antibiotics.

“It’s important to have a good supply of cold remedies at home,” Lutmer said. “Make sure you check all of the expiration dates of what you do have at home right now and just make sure that they’re still in good use.”