I’m starting something new that anyone can be a part of.

Some viewers have commented about how fit I’ve been looking. Well, let me tell you — it didn’t happen overnight.

My transformation involved hard work, healthy eating and self-motivation.

Last December, I committed to a fitness plan to shed a few pounds and improve my overall health. My personal trainer, Greg Daniels, was by my side as I began a workout regimen and saw great results.

I’ve been sharing workouts on Facebook and Twitter, and the response has been great.

“I have watched you workout and inspire women to just do it,” Jackie Miles Brown wrote. “The transformation is incredible and the smile is beautiful. Bravo.”

Tammy Stone commented: “The journey continues, so proud of you sis.”

“You inspire me!” Mia Mance said.

It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been worth it. Getting started is the first step and sometimes the hardest.

So my message to you: press pause and pour more into you. Best to you and your fitness journey. I believe in you!

Stay tuned for more “Fitness and You with Tina” workouts online at wsav.com/fitnessandyou. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Watch the first full workout below.