BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) – Since the start of the pandemic, we have heard more about food insecurity and hunger in local communities and across the country.

As part of Hunger Action Month, WSAV is putting the spotlight on one local agency working to end the problem.

Love House Ministries in Beaufort isn’t cashing in on its delivery program, it is working to make sure every hungry senior in the area gets a good meal and more.

“Many of them stand outside waiting for that arrival, that social contact,” said Pastor Theresa Roberts of Love House Ministries. “I think are just the additives. I really do.”

At its peak, the program was dropping off to 85 homes every single day.

All seniors may not have any other way to get a hot meal.

On this day, Roberts and her small staff of volunteers packed up food provided by the Lowcountry Food Bank.

“In those times where they have those crises, where they can’t get up, where they don’t feel good and they don’t have children to check on them every day,” explained Pastor Roberts, “then those meals are so special. Because they are able to put them in and say, ‘Ahhh, they have helped me so much.'”

For Doris Gray, her husband is in bed with a hip issue. So this meal was right on time.

“To have that hot meal available to me,” Gray said, “it’s the peace that I have something to eat that day.”

Shantae Williams is one of the volunteer drivers. Three times a week she loads up her van and hits the road to check up on her clients.

“I feel good giving it to them because I know it’s a balanced meal,” said Williams. “They have their protein, their grain or starch, and their fruits and vegetables.”

“The longest period they have to go is Saturday-Sunday,” explains Williams. “We deliver Monday, Wednesday and Friday, three times a week. We get that eye to eye that personal interaction with them to see that they are OK, see if they need anything.”

“If I have anything to express concerns, then I write it on there and tell Pastor Theresa. She will follow up and be sure.”

It’s that check-in and conversation that Alma Jean Mullens appreciates even more than the meal.

“I thank them for what they are doing for us because it looks like the senior citizens is being forgotten,” said Mullens.

“It’s about the community,” said Roberts. “It’s not about the pulpit for us, it’s about the best way we can touch people.”

If you know someone in the Beaufort area who would benefit from the program or wants to make a donation, go to