No green on St. Pat’s? Watch out for ‘Pinch Patrol’

St. Patrick's Day

It’s becoming a WSAV tradition, searching the St. Patrick’s Day crowds for people not wearing green.

Those who didn’t wear any were given a talking to by our “Pinch Patrol,” like our reporter Kelly Antonacci. She showed up to the parade without any green on.

“What were you thinking?” News 3 asked.

“I was thinking that I didn’t have anything green in my closet, except for my shoes,” she said. “I do have something green, but you have to look close.”

It was her first year covering the parade, so we cut her a break and gave her some beads.

The Pinch Patrol did find quite a few paradegoers roaming the streets green-less. Some said they forgot and some said it’s just not their color.

“Maybe they just forgot or it slipped their mind, but as long they are having a good time, being with their family, their friends, hey, they are in on it, too!” said one man rocking green head to toe.

For those who didn’t have any green, the Pinch Patrol gave them a harmless pinch along with some beads.

They were sent on their way to enjoy the rest of the parade — green included.

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