More than 200 city employees brought in to clean streets after St. Patrick’s Day festivities

St. Patrick's Day

When the party came to an end, the hard work began cleaning up Savannah’s streets after St. Patrick’s Day weekend. 

The morning after parade day, the sound of street sweepers and leaf blowers replaced the blare of rowdy crowds and music.

But Sanitation Director Gene Prevatt says the mess never comes as a surprise.

“We just remain flexible, we plan, we take a belt and suspenders approach and we just go get it done,” said Prevatt.

It takes around 200 employees from the Sanitation Department to get the job done — and that doesn’t include employees from Greenscape, who help maintain plant life around the city. 

“You know, I work with the best people in this organization and in the city. It’s 3:00 a.m. when we are starting people are cheerful–they are anticipating getting the work,” said Prevatt. “I mean its a big event for us and we gear up it’s like an athletic team right before the big game and that’s the way it is.”

It was Wright’s Square that drew social media attention this year. Shocking pictures of the littered area were posted on the city’s Facebook page.

But, Prevatt said the overall mess was moderate compared to past years.

“The unique thing this time is people have been really consciousness just about trying to get it to the trash receptacles rather than just throwing it on the ground,” he said. “There is plenty on the ground, I mean, don’t get me wrong, but it’s extraordinary how much effort people have gone to get the litter in the right place and we do appreciate that.”

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