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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — With students still remote learning and home schooling, many parents struggle to find the space for their kids to go to class. But one family found a perfect solution right in their backyard.

“Okay, we’re ready for school…”
 For one family on Cape Cod…
“Want to hold hands?” 
 …the walk to school looks a little different these days.
“Careful on the bridge…it’s slippery.”
But with the sound of the school bell, Tree School is officially in session for the Wilcox kids.
“I pledge allegiance to the flag…”
 There’s Wyatt who’s 5 and his sister Wynnie who is 7.
“What do you want to do our math?” 
And every day they go to school in their backyard tree house.
“You’ve got a pencil, I’ve got a pencil.”
 Their parents decided to homeschool them during the pandemic. They just needed a place to do it. Dad Colin said it was a fun idea. “My wife said ‘Why don’t we use the treehouse?’ And of course daddy is like, ‘Tree house!? How about tree school!'”  
He started building it 5 years ago just for fun. But now that they use it for school, there’s a ladder that leads to a reading nook and even a spot for time out.
“This is the calm down corner in here.”
 Their mom Erin is now their teacher. And their dog Peanut is their class pet.
“I think those kind of things do help the kids have some normalcy.”
 The tree is such a treat…and Wynnie can only think of one downside.
“I’m with a kindergartners so it’s harder to think!”
 They miss their friends but at a time when it feels like a lot of the world has stopped, up in the tree house there’s always more to learn and room to grow.
“Just to see that it’s just one of those once in a lifetime things where you see kids like ‘Where did you go to school in second grade?’ ‘In a treehouse.'”
 And while their dad is open to building more treehouse like this one, they’re going to go ahead and cap enrollment for now. But they do hope this is an experience their children never forget.

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