‘You let a kid get beat up’ Savannah family plans legal action after brawl caught on video

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A Savannah mother said her teenage son was attacked by two other teenagers outside a local skating rink last month.

She’s blaming security at Star Castle Family Entertainment Center for not stopping the fight.

Video of the incident shows Daniel Williams being approached by two teens. Williams is seen trying to walk away when an unknown male joins in on the assault. The video shows Williams, again, trying to walk away.

That’s when chaos erupts as the two teens are seen hitting and kicking Williams on the ground as others surround them and watch.

Now, his family has hired an attorney and plans to take legal action against the skating rink. They are citing a lack of adequate security.

“How is it that you are in the business of entertaining kids, but you let a kid get beat up at your doorstep,” said Chad Mance, the family’s attorney. “Doesn’t matter if you were there, doesn’t matter if you weren’t there, you know full well that teen violence in Savannah is an issue.”

Williams’ uncle told News 3 the video was posted on Instagram and has since caused his nephew a great deal of emotional distress.

“Nobody, no one, is thinking about what could happen to the victim as far as mental illness,” said Khary Amerson, Williams’ uncle. “Not being able to come outside because of someone else seeing the video or commenting on it or laughing,” he explained, “all those aspects have an effect on the mental growth of a child.”

Williams’ mother, Destiny Cooper, said she reported the incident to police hours later.

News 3 obtained that police report. It said Williams later admitted to the officer he went to the skating rink to fight another teen, but not the one who attacked him.

“We’ve dispelled that, it’s in the incident report, but once you guys see the video—its pretty self explanatory,” said Mance. “All we know is Daniel was there, Daniel was ready to go home and some children literally attacked him.”

The attack took place after a skate party which was sponsored by an outside group.

“This was an easily preventable situation if an adult had been there none of this would have happened,” said Mance.

Management at Star Castle tells News 3 they were not aware of the incident and that it happened after hours. They would not comment further because of the pending lawsuit.

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