UPDATE: Eyewitness accounts of violent fights at Savannah Mall

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More than fifty police officers responded to a violent fight at a carnival by Savannah Mall Saturday night, according to police.

Witnesses tell News 3 they heard what sounded like several gunshots. Savannah Police say none were fired. 

Officers responded to the carnival around 9:00 p.m. and several people, including teenagers, were taken into custody.

Witnesses say they saw young women with guns as hundreds ran in a stampede to their cars.

That’s when they say the lights were put out and the carnival was closed early. 

In a Facebook post, one Savannah mother — who asked to remain anonymous — said, “I have never been so sick, shaken and scared in my life… I have never felt so much hate and hurt in my heart than I do right now. So sad and scared.”

Savannah Mall and Magic Midway, the company behind the rides, are both waiting on news from Savannah Police. 

City officials say it’s a problem getting worse.

In March, Glynn County police arrested an 18-year-old for firing a gun during a carnival at Colonial Mall.

Last year, police responded to Abercorn Street Carnival for the same incident.

Alderman Tony Thomas says a lack of supervision is to blame.

“One of the concerns I have is that events like this seem to be dumping grounds for parents to just bring your kids and drop them off and leave them and I think in a community like this, I think we need to have more legal guardians and parents involved,” he said.

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