SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Two minutes after the Savannah Police Department received a terrifying 911 call claiming that an active shooter was at Savannah High, officers were on the scene.

WSAV spoke to a member of the SWAT team who said while he’s thankful it was a hoax, it was an opportunity to put their training to the test.

“The original call went out that there was a white male that was inside actively shooting students inside the school,” Lt. Chris Talley said. “We teach all of our officers that they will respond no matter what to that situation and they will go into the school and address and find that threat and stop that threat.”

Talley has been part of SPD’s SWAT team for almost two decades and he says years of active shooter training prepared officers for moments like this.

“We follow those protocols and there’s no waiting, there’s no waiting, there’s no waiting to go in there with a group of people, if there’s an officer that’s out front of the situation and they’re by themselves, by our department policy, they have to act by themselves to try and find that threat and stop that threat,” Talley said.

The terrifying ordeal may have been a ruse but for responding officers it was all very real.

“It’s emotional yes it is but it’s also a lot of the stuff we try to work through in training, we try to put our officers through a lot of that high stressful situations to try and prepare them for that situation,” Talley said.

A situation that’s been a devastating reality for many students, one Talley said they’re now even more prepared for.

“Yes, it was a hoax but it’s an absolute great opportunity for training for our officers to get them to understand what may happen because it could happen again and it could and it could be real next time,” Talley said. “We will be better because of this.”

SPD is conducting an extensive review of their response. Talley said while their team was well prepared, the department is using this as an opportunity to sharpen their skills.