GLENWOOD, Ga. (WSAV) – A woman from Dublin has been arrested on two felonies, accused of threatening to shoot a kill a 15-year-old and his friend in the parking lot of a Glenwood gas station.

According to a Wheeler County Sheriff’s Office incident report, Jayme McGowan was caught on surveillance camera video asking someone inside the Circle K gas station on W. Second Street if they knew the people in the parking lot. McGowen then was heard in the recording saying, “I’m going to shoot those bastards,” the report said.

Jayme McGowan

Fifteen-year-old Alvin Ricks told WSAV’s Investigative Unit that McGowan pointed a gun at him, called him the n-word and threatened to kill him.

Alvin and the incident report both say that the teen and the woman never had any interaction until the parking lot.

According to McGowan’s attorney, there’s more to the story.

The statements that the three young men and their families have made to the press and on social media, have not contained the whole truth.  They want everyone to believe they have been wronged, but they haven’t been.  They have not told the whole story of what occurred at the Circle K in Glenwood, Georgia on May 7th. They have not told how they tried to intimidate Jayme McGowan and make her afraid.  They have not told how they intentionally harassed her.  They are not the innocents they would have everyone believe.  As for Ms. McGowan, she did nothing wrong, certainly nothing illegal.  She will tell her story to the Court and only to the Court, if and when this is necessary.

Mitch Warnock

Ricks’ family is now wondering why McGowen was given until Wednesday to turn herself in. Her arrest report shows the Dublin woman only spent 61 minutes in jail before bonding out.

As they question if McGowen received special treatment, they’re also asking why this wasn’t considered a hate crime.

In the days since the arrest, Wheeler County’s Chief Deputy Richie Floyd, who wrote the incident report in the case, has resigned.