GUYTON, Ga. (WSAV) — A couple of dozen students at an Effingham County elementary school say they were threatened by a substitute teacher last week.

“A comment was made that was inappropriate at which time the principal went down and spoke to the individual the individual was asked to leave,” said Guyton Police Chief James Brelectic.

Tony Davis was substitute teaching at Guyton Elementary School last Tuesday. According to 24 fifth-grade students and an incident report — he threatened them during class. After a police investigation and interview with Davis — police charged him with terroristic threats.

Chief Brelectic said police are still investigating exactly what the students claim Davis said.

“The jist is, he used the word murder and he admitted that to the principal but we’re still finding out right now additional information,” Brelectic said.

School officials found out about what was unfolding in the classroom when alerted by students from the class. The chief and Effingham County School District superintendent Yancy Ford hailed the principal for his quick response after learning of the incident. Davis was escorted from the school property immediately by security.

“The safety of our students and staff are very important to us. I am thankful that when Mr. Manior was made aware of the situation, he acted quickly to ensure the boys and girls and staff at GES were kept safe,” Superintendent Ford said in a statement to News 3. “Mr. Manior immediately notified the SRO on campus. I am thankful to our students who were brave to tell another caring adult on campus of the situation. That is a testament to the training and guidance the staff and families of GES have given to the students.”

Brelectic agreed saying the quick spring to action from the principal and of school resource officer was crucial to keeping those students safe.

“So whenever an accusation is made like that, law enforcement tries to get on it as fast as possible to see that way any incident may be stopped,” Brelectic said. “Keep in mind our children are safe in our schools and parents rest in mind, put their mind at ease please they are safe and so is our faculty because that is our biggest concern.”