Statesboro judge denies bond for man accused of shooting Claxton teen

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STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – William Marcus “Marc” Wilson, the man accused of murdering a Claxton teenager near a Statesboro bypass in June, has been denied bond, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Wilson is charged with murder and aggravated assault in the death of 17-year-old Haley Hutcheson. His legal team says he acted in self defense, claiming he fired shots at a truck that was trying to run him off the road after confronting him, yelling racists remarks.

Police say Hucheson was in the car with four people the night she was shot. On the night of June 14th, Detectives say the group stopped at Parkers gas station so Hucheson and a girlfriend could use the bathroom.

There police say they reported seeing a classmate whom they recognized. When police first interviewed the group, two of the occupants reported seeing that classmate in the vehicle where the shots were fired.

Luke Conley

It was revealed Tuesday that, Luke Conley, one of the passengers, was arrested on obstruction charges for giving false or misleading information to police. They say it was in relation to a statement he made about seeing that classmate the night of Hucheson’s murder.

Detective Travis Cruen revealed it was anonymous tip about the defendant’s girlfriend that ultimately lead to his arrest.

Mason Glisson, the driver of the vehicle Hucheson was in, testified that he didn’t see any of the passengers yell at or antagonize Wilson.

“I dont know what my passengers did, but I did not hear or see them do anything,” said Glisson.

Wilson’s girlfriend, who was with him at the time of the shooting, told police the male passengers in Glisson’s vehicle were provoking Wilson before he shot his gun.

“She stated that, the guys in the truck were hanging out the window, throwing hands all kinds of ways, flipping them off, and swerving at them,” said Detective Cruen. “She stated quote ‘it kind of looked like they were trying to run us off the road, but I don’t know.”

Cruen also said the witness reported Wilson told her they were yelling racial slurs, but that she herself did not hear them. She told detectives Wilson was angry and he, “pulled out his gun and shot it.”

Cruen says he first spoke to Wilson over the phone and he stated he and his girlfriend were scared that night. Cruen said Wilson stated, “with everything going on in this country I’m not going to let me and my girl get run off the road.”

Marcus surrendered himself with his attorney to police and was booked at the Bulloch County Jail in mid-June.

Glisson testified that all people in the car, including Hucheson, were drinking alcohol throughout the night. He admitted to drinking between five and six beers himself.

Detectives Cruen testified none of them were breathalyzed.

Police say the defendant told them something was thrown at his car. Cruen later testified that detectives found a beer can in the area of the shooting that matched the brand the group was drinking.

A member of Wilson’s defense team asked Conley if he had thrown anything at Wilson vehicle.

Conley pleaded his right to the fifth amendment.

After hearing testimony from witnesses and family members on Tuesday, Judge Michael Muldrew decided Wilson does pose a flight risk and is a threat to the community. He acknowledged that Wilson has no past criminal history, but said he “let anger overcome him” when he fired his gun.

Muldrew also expressed concern about ongoing threats received by Hucheson’s family. Hucheson’s aunt, Heather Earnst. did say in open court that some have threatened to, “vandalize, urinate, and defecate on Haley’s gravestone.”

Muldrew also ordered Tuesday that Wilson’s uncle be held in contempt of court for being disruptive during court proceedings.

Back in July, Wilson’s legal team told News 3 they plan to use the stand your ground defense. The judge says none of the necessary motions have been filed for that defense

Wilson’s case is expected to go before a grand jury.

On Sunday, dozens of people gathered in Bulloch County to show their support of Wilson.

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