STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) — Statesboro Police are asking for witnesses to come forward after gunfire at a weekend party left four people hurt. 

“We can have multiple, hundreds of people in a crowd you have an incident and then all of the sudden nobody’s seen or heard anything,” said Statesboro Police Captain Jared Akins.

Police believe there were multiple people with guns involved in the block party shooting. Three people were shot, and one woman broke her leg trying to run away.

“Anybody that was just in the crowd that was there that night that can give us a different perspective on what happened that night, we need to talk to you,” said Akins.

Around 3 a.m. Saturday morning, police heard gunshots while patrolling and went looking for the source. They found an active shoot-out at a block party a little over half a mile from the police station, near the corner of Spruce and Johnson streets.

When they got to the scene people were running away, but officers were able to catch one suspect on foot who was seen carrying what they call an AR-style pistol.

Akins says no matter how much surveillance video they can find, they’re stuck unless people start talking.

“We have to have that cooperation, and without it, we’re missing a big piece of what’s going on with it,” said Akins.

Akins tells News 3 they need eyewitnesses to go on the record, but they’ll continue to take anonymous tips online. Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward.