SPD officers still waiting for answer to complaint against Chief Minter

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – More than 70 officers signed a complaint against Savannah Police Chief Roy Minter back in April.

Almost six months later, they are still waiting for some resolution.

Twenty-two different complaints using words like favoritism, dissention, intimidation and outright disrespect.

All those complaints were made against Minter by his own officers, some as highly ranked as captain.

That document was signed and given to the City in April. Now its almost October and until this week, officers had heard nothing about their complaints.

Interim Savannah City Manager Pat Monahan sent out a letter to all 72 officers who signed the complaint and provided written statements about the chief’s alleged abuse of power.

In that letter, Monahan says he “regrets the lengthy delay in resolving a serious matter.”

Monahan talks about the “volume of information” contained in those written statements, how he wants an “objective undertaking,” and that “it cannot be rushed.”

The City does say an outside consultant is looking at the complaints, which include the chief making “untrue statements” to the public, the media, employees, and politicians.

There are claims he threatens his own command staff in group settings to implant fear in the rank and file, and he publically belittles his staff.

But most of the “rank and file” who signed the document will not get to speak directly to that consultant.

Monahan writes in the letter that the consultant “identified a number of complaints for further review” and “set aside time to meet with the captains who signed the petition.”

But that will only come after Minter, who has “received the collective complaints, summarized by the consultant for anonymity,” prepares his own written reply to the statements. That is something Monahan says will come in “the next several days.”

Only then, and after the Savannah Human Resources Department makes its recommendation, will the interim city manager let those officers know of his decision.

Several officers who signed that complaint say they are “disappointed in the process.”

They were led to believe there would be interviews with the outside mediator, not just written statements.

They are concerned that the city’s Human Resources Department is not “objective” when it comes to their issues and Minter’s job performance and job status.

They say they will wait for the results, but some are already planning for the next step — which could include further legal action.

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