Shocking details emerge in Sasser investigation

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News 3 is learning new information in the case of a former Glynn County Police Lieutenant believed to have killed his ex-wife her boyfriend and eventually himself in June.

Documents reveal shocking details leading up to the double-murder suicide, including him planning his own funeral.

The Glynn County District Attorney confirms Cory Sasser murdered Katie Sasser and John Hall in McIntosh County on June 28.

Police say he then turned the gun on himself following an hours-long standoff at his Glynn County home.

On Aug 23,. Sasser’s son Robert ‘Bryce’ Sasser was arrested for reckless conduct.

We’re told he’s been terminated from the Brunswick Police Department where he served as an officer.

According to the Glynn County DA, Cory Sasser ran into his ex-wife Katie Sasser and her boyfriend John Hall at Moondoggy’s Pizza with his son. But, a court order restricted him from making contact with Katie Sasser.

Documents show shortly after he texted John Hall’s wife to say he saw the pair together. Bryce then texted his stepmother Katie Sasser to say her belongings were outside of Sasser’s home.

According to the Glynn County DA,  the day after Cory and Katie Sasser’s divorce was final June 25, Sasser was supposed to be visiting a VA clinic near Savannah to receive court-ordered treatment for PTSD.  But no appointment was scheduled. Authorities say they used his phone to track his movements.

Instead, documents reveal he went to Savannah Toyota on Abercorn the morning of June 27.

He traded in his white 2016 Ford F-150 for a Silver Toyota Tacoma.  The documents also say despite being court-ordered to get rid of his guns, he was seen putting an AR-15, a Glock, and possibly a hunting rifle in the car. He then took I-95 south towards Brunswick.

Reports say Sasser made a pit stop in McIntosh County. Documents reveal he was searching the internet for John Hall’s address, who was his ex-wife’s boyfriend. He also searched for the phrase, “husband kills man who wife cheats with.”

He even called a 911 dispatcher to on her personal cell to request Hall’s address. She declined. He then drove back to his sister’s home.

Thursday morning, documents say he left his sister’s home and drove west toward Biloxi, Mississippi before turning around. Reports say he told multiple people he was going to be there for a few days.

Thursday afternoon, documents say Sasser paid for his funeral and cremation at Brunswick Memorial Cemetery even though the court ordered him to stay at his sister’s home in Theodore, Alabama.

According to reports, Sasser later traveled to Valdosta where he purchased a Benelli shotgun and ammunition from T3 outdoors. Reports also show he lied about the restraining order against him on the form to get the gun.

Starting just after 9:30 p.m. on Thursday night, reports show phone calls poured in reporting multiple gunshots on Mission Drive. Neighbors were in shock that John Hall was shot in front of his home in McIntosh County.

One neighbor ran into Sasser before getting in his truck to leave the scene. They say Sasser said, “that is what happens when you sleep with another man’s wife.”

The documents show Sasser lured Hall outside of his home to kill him before entering to kill his ex-wife.

Less than five minutes later, reports show Sasser called his son Bryce admitting he killed Katie Sasser and Johnny Hall.

Police say he later committed suicide with a .40 caliber in his driveway.

Additional charges could be filed against Sasser’s son, Bryce for allowing his father access to guns.

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