Confessed serial killer indicted in 35-year-old Savannah murder

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The family of Frances Campbell talks about Samuel Little's indictment, possible sentences

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A man considered the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history by the FBI has been indicted for a Savannah murder.

Samuel Little, who has confessed to 93 different murders over a 30-year long period, faces formal charges in one of two cases in the Hostess City.

News 3 spoke with the family of Frances Campbell who is believed to have been murdered and raped by Little back in 1984.

Diane Williams, Campbell’s sister, said she never thought this day would come.

Frances Campbell

“Because know there are other people out there and she’s not the only one they are focused on,” she explained. “I never thought it would come. I could never imagine.”

Investigators say Little met Campbell at a bar. They hit it off and then it took a deadly turn.

She went missing and could not be found for a full year. But her body was found in a construction area on Tremont Road near the area where Interstate 516 was being built.

Campbell had been strangled.

“Mr. Little had stated that he left the woman in the 80s after he strangled her on a pile of construction material,” said Chatham County District Attorney Meg Heap. “Sgt. Robert Santoro (of the Savannah Police Department) found the information, was able to send the picture — site unseen — they sent it out to Mr. Little.

“They did not tell who it was from, what state, and he identified Frances Campbell.”

Williams has waited more than 35 years for this day.

“It was very rough especially for my parents,” she said. “My mom raised us very well, so did my dad. It really just broke her spirit. It just broke her.”

“We just needed the closure and when Mr. Little said he chose people he figured had no value, with no remiss, that’s so wrong,” Heap said.

To get this information from Little for this family, the District Attorney had to agree “not” to seek the death penalty for the murder.

Williams says she is fine with that decision.

“I do not believe in the death penalty,” said Williams. “I am a God-fearing woman and if he feels he needs to make peace with God, that’s between him and God.”

She added: “I am okay with that because I know where my sister lives at and what happened. And I hope it solves all the women he’s done with other families and I hope it helps. I don’t have anything harsh to say to him.”

When asked if she had any message for her sister, Williams said, “I miss her. But you didn’t win — he didn’t win.”

Little is currently serving two life sentences in California for murder, and several other states have already indicted him on other murders he confessed to.

That puts Chatham County further back in line for a potential trial.

Little is also accused of — and admitted to — murdering another woman in Savannah in the 1970s.

Detectives say they are searching for evidence connecting Little to that crime as well. Then another indictment may come, giving another family closure.

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