Search continues for shooting suspect who grazed 3-year-old girl

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When shots rang out in East Savannah Thursday afternoon, a small child was the only apparent victim caught in harm’s way of the unsettling crime. 

A day later, and the search for the suspect or suspects hasn’t produced the results police hoped for. 

The victim, a 3-year-old girl, was grazed by a bullet. Even though she didn’t require hospitalization, for police and neighbors, the wound doesn’t diminish the seriousness of this crime.

Savannah Police officers and detectives converged on the scene at the intersection of Georgia and Alabama Avenues within minutes of the call. It came in around 3:45 p.m.Thursday. 

Monica Henry says she’s lived near that intersection for more than twenty years.  While she did not see what happened, Henry was an ear-witness to it.

“I heard the shots, I happened to have my back door open and, a, just wondering where it happened and if anybody was involved, because we have a lot of children, you know, in the area that catch the bus right, right here,” said Henry. “So, I just shut the house down, you know, lockdown and waited to see what happened and where it might’ve come from.”

Police focused on where the suspect went after the shooting. Their search even extended to Pooler after they followed a stolen car leaving Savannah within twenty minutes of the gunfire.

Investigators say it’s still unclear if that car was connected to the shooting, but each case is being independently investigated.  The search for suspects has been unsuccessful so far.  

The block where the shots rang out is a lot quieter a day after the little girl was grazed, but Henry says there is something invisible still lingering on her street: fear.

“That was really scary. Like I say, we do have a lot of children in the area, so for somebody just to randomly be driving by shooting, is a scary thought,” she explained. “We have elderly people in our neighborhood, they are scared as well as the children. Of course, we don’t want this kind of situation happening in the neighborhood, so awesome, it’s very important that they catch them.”

Police are determined to catch the person or persons responsible for the shooting. Anyone with information is urged to call the Savannah Police Department or CrimeStoppers at (912)-234-2020.

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