Savannah serial rapist sentenced to life without parole

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – It was a quiet courtroom at Chatham County Courthouse Friday afternoon as Judge Louisa Abbot read life sentence after life sentence for convicted rapist 24-year-old Theron Hendrix.

“I’m relieved that the presiding judge understood just how serious of a crime was, or crimes were committed, in our city, and took it serious enough that this defendant will never see the light of day again,” said the prosecutor, Lindretta Grindle Kramer, who is the Asst. District Attorney with the Major Crimes Division.

Hendrix was convicted last week of raping and kidnapping three young girls over the past three years.

One 13-year-old, one 16, and another 24, committing the acts at abandoned houses and a park all on the west side of Savannah.

“They experienced, unspeakable things and the reality is, their lives will never be the same because of what Theron Hendrix did to them,” said Kramer.

Evidence presented in court included Hendrix’s DNA as well as a key left at one of the scenes that fit the doors on his home. Although his attorney asked the judge to allow Hendrix a second chance in 30 years, he was sentenced Friday to life without parole. The judge said Hendrix would never be back on Savannah’s streets.

Leaving the courtroom, the girls and their families hugged Kramer.

“I think… they’re thankful for the judge and the court system that ensured he will never get to do it again,” said Kramer.

One of the mothers turned to the girls and said, “We live on”.

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