SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Savannah Police Department uses over 600 cameras in the city to monitor crime. They are expanding this system of cameras with new software.

It’s called Fusus, and it will connect several different live camera systems, including third parties.

“What that does is it shrinks the world of people that are out doing bad things,” Assistant Police Chief Robert Gavin says.

Any of the connected cameras can be accessed as a crime is happening, in real time. Fusus will link the police department’s other software as well, including Shot Spotter.

The cost of the software is $150,000 per year, but Gavin says it is worth it.

“There’s more eyes, there’s more ears. All of those pieces help us try to track down people,” Gavin says.

If you live in Savannah and you have a camera system at your home or business, you can opt-in to allow SPD to tap into your camera whenever there is a crime in the area.

Gavin hopes that these alternate ways to report a crime will relieve some of the anxiety of interacting with police.

To volunteer access to your camera, SPD will have a website set up similar to the Connect Atlanta website.

“That makes it very easy for you to go on, send your email, address, and your location. You can register your cameras if you’re someone who wants to allow us to stream your cameras.”

You will then be given a box that will mount to your camera system. If you ever want to disconnect from the program, you can simply unplug it.

Gavin says SPD will only have access to outside third-party cameras, and they will only be used if there is a crime.

“What it does is it actually copies the footage as it’s coming through the system and it’s making like a mirror.”

He expects to roll out Fusus to the community within the next month.