Savannah man found guilty on all counts in 2017 triple murder

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A jury has found a 28-year-old Savannah man guilty on more than 20 counts in a 2017 triple murder.

It took less than an hour for the jury to deliberate on the verdict for Keith Lamont Marrow Jr.

They found him guilty on 26 counts, including malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Jurors say Marrow is responsible for the death of 31-year- old Courtney German, 18-year-old Shayla Curtis, and 24-year-old William Mullins. The defendant said he’s known German, for years since they grew up together and became members of the Eastside Gangster Bloods also known as “57 EGB.”

The three were found shot to death on April 24, 2017, inside a home at 31st Street and Waters Avenue.

Marrow was arrested shortly after the shooting, which investigators say is gang-related.

Here’s a detailed timeline of the event’s leading up to the murders:

  • April 2017, Keith L. Marrow was allegedly having a problem with drugs and out of a job while still living in Miami, FL
  • Courtney German, allowed Marrow to move in with him and his girlfriend on the Savannah’s Southside
  • During that time, Marrow was “running the streets” with German and fellow members of “Bloods”
  • The defendant alleges days before the murder’s he asked Markajsha, the girlfriend of a high ranking bloods member (Tabo) for $60 towards rent and utilites. Instead, the defendant says he used the money to buy drugs for himself, Curtis, Mullins, and German.
  • The defendant alleged Markajsha told Tabo he “oppressed her”
  • At that point, the defendant alleged he heard conversations with other gang members and Tabo about “getting rid of him” or “taking out the trash.”
  • At this point, Marrow believed Tabo put out an order to kill him
  • April 23, the defendant says he and another gang member Charlie Dixon went to a dice game at Heritage Apartments. He alleges Charlie was watching him and holding him at gunpoint. Something that was never mentioned to Detective Diggs during Marrow’s interrogation.
  • Marrow alleges Dixon told him to robbed the winner of the game for hundreds of dollars at gunpoint. Later learning, it was the father of a gang member of another set.
  • Dixon denied that allegation in court when called by the state, saying he didn’t know Marrow was going to rob the winner
  • Marrow says he was on ecstasy and marijuana that entire weekend
  • After leaving Heritage Apartments, Marrow and Dixon drove to Wendy’s in Port Wentworth where German worked.
  • Dixon told German about the robbery and they started to get calls from other gang members about the robbery. But Dixon says, “it wasn’t a big deal”
  • After German gets off, he met with Mullins and German, still allegedly being held at gunpoint. But it’s not clear if it was for his alleged oppression toward Markajsha or the robbery.
  • Later that day, the defendant alleges he, Curtis, Mullins, and German went to buy drinks and drugs for the night while still allegedly at gunpoint.
  • That night, they all gathered at Curtis’s home on East 31st Street. her family tells News 3 she had just moved in weeks prior after getting her tax refund.
  • Marrow still under the influence of drugs said he had anxiety and heard German on the phone in front of him talking subliminally about killing him.
  • The defendant says he said a prayer picked up the 40 Caliber and shot each victim twice.
  • He says he took a 40 Caliber, 9 millimeter, and a Magazine Gun from the home and left in German’s rental a Toyota Rav4
  • At 11:51 p.m., Hardeeville Officer Aaron Aager, began following Marrow. Aager says Marrow was traveling 89 MPH in a 60 MPH zone
  • After lights and sirens were activated, dashcam shows Marrow continued to flee
  • Marrow alleges he thought it was a bloods member behind him. he also says he was under the influence of drugs and did not know where he was going
  • After a nearly 3 mile chase, Marrow crashes the vehicle on a bridge
  • Once he was pulled out of the vehicle, he told the officer there was a 40 caliber in the car and confessed to the murders out of self-defense

He argued his actions were made out of self-defense.

Marrow was expected to testify Friday morning on the fourth day of trial, but the defense decided against it.

During closing statements, they argued there was no evidence against Marrow except for his confession.

But the state told jurors the killings were not self-defense, but “cold-blooded executions.”

Family members of all three victims cheered, cried and prayed once the verdict was announced.

“Regardless of what’s being put out in the media about my brother, Shayla, and William being in gangs, all that stuff, at the core of it all, they were great people. Great people,” said Chad German, brother of Courtney German. “They did not deserve this at all. They were great people and I love them and I miss my brother.”

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