Savannah family, attorney calls for video release of officer-involved shooting

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What happened on January 23 on Marian Circle that led to the death of a young man? That’s a question many in the community are still asking.

The lawyer for Ricky Boyd’s family released a video Thursday with serious claims against the Chief of Savannah Police and the officers involved in that shooting.

VIDEO: Local attorney claims Savannah Police lied about officer-involved shooting

Boyd was shot and killed after US Marshals and Savannah Police executed an early morning warrant at his family’s home.

The GBI has now handed their investigation over to the Chatham County District Attorney’s Office. They will decide whether to present the case to a Chatham County Grand Jury, who could possibly indict the officers involved.

That decision could still be months away, but Boyd’s family and Attorney Will Claiborne want answers now.

“What is saw was my son coming out with his hands out and he was immediately shot,” said Jameillah Smiley, Ricky Boyd’s mother.

That’s just one of the revelations made in a video put out by The Claiborne Firm.

They also claim that a neighbor’s picture from just after the shooting shows the BB gun the GBI said was in Ricky Boyd’s hand was actually 43 feet away from his body.
“In order for that gun to have traveled 43 feet, you have to believe that his last act on earth Ricky Boyd walked out to face down tens of police officers with a BB gun, attempting to get himself killed?” wonders Claiborne. “And once he actually does get shot he throws the gun 43 feet?”

“Number one we don’t believe the body cam footage shows that, but number two it just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.”

Claiborne says he believes there are some missing pieces.

News 3 asked if he thought police staged having a gun there.

“I’ll leave it to law enforcement to explain how that gun was there,” says Claiborne. “And 43 feet away from his body. It wasn’t Ricky’s and it wasn’t in his hands when he walked out the door.”

There are also claims in the video that Savannah Police Chief Mark Revenew lied to the public after the shooting and changed his story after what happened.

“The first statement the Chief made was blatantly false,” said Claiborne. “And he needs to own up to that. We want Ricky’s name cleared.”

Police came to the house that day to arrest Ricky Boyd on murder charges, but Claiborne says that too is not entirely true.

“Ricky was not guilty of that murder,” said Claiborne. “Ricky did not shoot Balil Whitefield”

“Did he know who killed Balil Whitefield?” we asked.

“That’s up to law enforcement,” said Claiborne. “What we do know is law enforcement continue to treat that as an open investigation. the actual murderer of Balil Whitefield is still walking around and the people of Savannah need to know that.”

The GBI has shown the family the body camera footage from that day — video they say could clear Boyd’s name.

Now, the family and Claiborne want everyone else to see it too.

“They try to paint things in a certain picture, and quite frankly we want the community to see the whole picture. The true picture,” he said.

News 3 attempted to get a response to the video from Savannah Police, who said this was an active investigation and cannot comment.

We asked Chief Mark Revenew if he would comment on the claims he “lied” during the investigation. He would not comment.

News 3 emailed the GBI with multiple questions about topics brought up in the video. They said since the investigation has been given to the Chatham County District Attorney’s Office, they should comment.

The DA’s office gave us this statement: “We have just received the file from the GBI and are in the process of reviewing the file.”

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