Savannah-Chatham CNT arrests nurse at Memorial Hospital for allegedly stealing drugs

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A Pooler woman is out of jail on bond after allegedly stealing drugs from Memorial Hospital.

Authorities arrested Lindsey Burke, who worked as a nurse at Memorial. They say she stole multiple controlled substances while on the job.
According to Gene Harley at the Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team, “It’s definitely an unusual case. People within the medical profession take a medical oath, just like law enforcement takes a similar oath, and that’s something they should take very seriously.”

Burke, a registered nurse, faces multiple felony drug charges after authorities say she was pretty much caught red-handed–swiping some powerful drugs from a highly secured area of the hospital while on the job.

Harley says “Ms. Burke attempted to attain narcotics in a very secured area that has a very strict protocol and security procedures in place.”

Harley also told News 3 that as soon as Burke took the drugs, syringes and IVs, an alert was sent to Memorial Hospital’s internal security team who then contacted CNT.

“We were able to make contact with her to recover the items that were taken all prior to her leaving that day or leaving the campus and she was arrested there at the hospital as well.”

And among the drugs allegedly taken were Lorazepam, which is a schedule 4 controlled substance,  and morphine was taken “as well as some other narcotics that perhaps may not be controlled but still require a prescription.”

Harley adds, “The items that were taken, the majority of them at least, Ms. Burke either had no legal reason to be in possession with them or had no reason within her normal regular duties to have had possessed them.”

CNT says they also used video surveillance in this case.

Investigators say Burke has chosen not to speak with law enforcement. Memorial Hospital declined to comment on Burke’s arrest. 

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