Savannah authorities seek to ID victim of convicted killer Samuel Little

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Authorities in Savannah hope that’s true in one case connected to a man who could be one of the most prolific serial killers in the country’s history.

Samuel Little has confessed to 90 murders — two of which are believed to have happened in the Hostess City.

The suspected serial killer has recently been drawing pictures of his victims which could bring closure to one 34-year-old case.

“It speaks to how twisted he is. He is an intelligent man, its safe to say. He’s kept their memories alive in his head,” said Chatham County District Attorney Meg Heap.

Sgt. Robert Santoro with the Savannah Police Department (SPD) says there is no doubt in his mind Little committed these murders.

“He is an intelligent man, but you have to look and figure out what motivates him to do this,” the sergeant said. “And that goes a long way to understanding why he remembers it so vividly. It’s based on sexual gratification.”

Santoro recently traveled to California to meet the 78-year-old who is behind bars serving three life sentences. He came back with a photo of a woman Little says he killed in decades ago Savannah.

“The victim is a black female,” said Santoro. “She was found on a dead-end street off of Montgomery Street sometime in 1984.” 

He added that the woman was found on top of a pile of sand that was on the street for construction. 

Santoro says the woman was 5’5’’ and 120 pounds. She was in her early 20s with a birthmark on her left cheek.

“He’s been able to give facts nobody else but law enforcement knows so that we can verify, in fact, it is him,” said Heap.

According to Santoro, Little is sure of the facts of the crimes.

“I brought some photographs with me of some open cases that were similar, and he said ‘no, those aren’t the people,’” Santoro explained. “So he’s not just claiming everything that’s in front of him. He’ll only claim things he’s done.”

Santoro and Heap say the only thing that matters now is finding out who this woman was and where her family is.

“There may be somebody out there, that this is their sister, their aunt, their mother, and a day doesn’t go by because they don’t know what happened to her,” the DA said. “So this would be great to give someone some closure there.”

Little only gave police a sketch of the victim from the 1984 killing. As for the other Savannah case from 1974, Santoro said he was not able to ask Little many questions about it.

Authorities are asking anyone with information about the sketch, Little, or the two local crimes to call Santoro at 912-651-4362 with any details, big or small.

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