SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – After break-ins at his restaurant, the owner of Ardsley Station is being proactive.

This week, Tyler Kopkas invited the police chiefs of Savannah and Chatham County as well as city leaders and business owners to his restaurant on Victory Drive.

The lunch meeting focused on homelessness, crime and challenges the Starland District is facing.

The conversation comes after two burglaries at the restaurant in January. Kopkas says police have strong leads on the suspect, and he hopes they can get him off the streets.

His priority now is to increase safety measures and bring more awareness.

“I think there’s lots of other business owners in this neighborhood that are concerned about the issues that have been going on,” Kopkas said. “And if we can be somebody that brings our neighborhood together so that we’re all in this fight together and we have a common goal to help curb it, I think we’ll, you know, Starland District will continue to grow and evolve and be even better than it already is.”

Kopkas said his restaurant has not experienced any issues since the last break-in on Jan. 16.

He feels his meeting with city leaders was a good start to stopping crime.